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16 December 2016 @ 03:28 am
I've decided to create a masterpost of my subbing and translation projects, in which I will list all the projects I've done. I will list all the general rules regarding to my subs as well, so please carefully read it ^^

For an introduction, most of the subs I post here are the works of 2 people, me and natsueve a.k.a omochi. So I guess you can say ochiyta is a subbing team? I do the translation, timing, and typesetting, while omochi proofreads my half-baked translations and sometimes encodes as well. But I manage this journal alone, so when you leave a comment/message here, you are leaving it to me a.k.a cit. I'm open for subbing collab too. If you need anything from us, just leave a message here or if you want faster respond, you may go to my twitter. I keep my DM box open so don't hesitate if you need anything from us ^^

Most Frequently Asked Question:
Q: I have added you as friend, but why do I still get "access denied" when I try to access your subs?
A: It's because I haven't added you back. You need me to add you back before you can access all my subs. I'm not online 24/7 on LJ because college is taking all my time. Most of the times, I open LJ once in 2 weeks or once a week if I'm not too busy. So please be patient until I add you back ^^ Leave a comment here or PM me if I haven't added you back in 2 weeks because LJ skips a lot of friend requests. And I only accept LJ accounts. Non-LJ accounts will be ignored. Don't worry, setting up an LJ account is not hard, instead you will get lots of merit by setting up LJ account because LJ is heaven for JE related things ^^

- Do not re-upload my subs at streaming sites or any other sites. Links are fine.
- Do not claim my subs as yours. I worked hard on them.
- Do not use my subs as the basic translation of yours. Please respect my works.
Note: I'm okay if you want to convert my subs from English to other languages, but ask me first!
- All subs are friend-locked except the latest ones. You know how strict JE is.
- There are times when I'm too lazy to reply the comments in my posts lol kill me but trust me, I read them all thoroughly! I regularly check my inbox. And I'm really grateful for all the nice comments you left in my posts, they make me motivated to do more subs.
- I accept requests to sub HSJ related vids, but again, according to my mood (and my free time as well). Just leave your request here.

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16 September 2018 @ 08:02 pm
This might be late, but hello! Finally, an introduction post hahahaha. I was confused should I make an introduction post or not because who's gonna care anyway but now that I gathered a lot of LJ friends, I feel like writing an introduction post, just for fun! Please make yourself comfortable as this is gonna be long ^_^

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Not sure if the title is on point or not but I ran out of idea, so here you go. This was a loooong time agooo project that I abandoned due to more interesting projects that kept coming. Finally I regained some motivation to continue it. Inyaa is being a total cutie in this video until I'm not sure which one is cuter, him or the kittens. I really miss this show when Inoo was still going around places to explore and meet a lot of cute animals. Now it's all InoAi corner... that I don't mind but it's less cute than the exploring corner hahaha

Also this is my debut subbing in Bahasa Indonesia YEAY one of my 2018 resolutions has been accomplished already! Okay, let me talk in Bahasa a bit. Terinspirasi dari sub-nya ezrafriane27 (alias istri haramnya Hikaru) yang selalu sukses bikin aku ngakak (terutama yang Yamada di Damasareta Taisho). Jadi sepertinya sub Indo punyaku pun bakal bikin ngakak karena bahasanya super hina. Tolong jangan diambil hati, ini hanya percobaan HAHA tapi kalau ditonton beneran aku bakal seneng sih hehehe ^^ Susah juga ya pake Bahasa Indonesia... tapi lumayan nagih sih jadi pengen coba bikin lagi kapan-kapan. Semoga ada waktu dan motivasi di masa depan...

As usual, this post will be friend-locked later. I need to ensure my safety hahaha. And don't forget to follow my rules. Do not upload to other sites. Do not claim it as yours. Keep fansubbing alive by following the rules the subbers made ^^

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I don't know if anyone has subbed this or not but tonight I couldn't sleep at all and started watching videos I have downloaded and found out that this video was super funny so I gave it a go. I'm such an impulsive person gdi. I don't know how to summarize it without spoiling the whole content, please watch it yourself as the video is only 4 mins long. UWA! Damasareta Taisho itself is a TV show that pulls pranks on celebrities. This time it's Yamada's turn... to pull a prank or to be pranked? ^^

Lately I've been busy fangirling on Keyakizaka46 side more so I might not post subs as much as before. But nah I'm not retiring or anything. Will still sub JUMP things impulsively like I always do (especially InoAri things heheh). But yeah, the pace might slow down. Feel free to hit me up if you need help or assistance, I'm always eager to help as long as I could ^^ Also please pray for my sleeping schedule it's been so yabai recently I'm awake at night but asleep during the day. I'm turning into an owl. Or... a cat...

As usual, this post will be friend-locked later. I need to ensure my safety hahaha. And don't forget to follow my rules. Do not upload to other sites. Do not claim it as yours. Keep fansubbing alive by following the rules the subbers made ^^

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24 December 2017 @ 02:31 pm

Good news for everyone. I'm still alive after going through freaking hellish 2 weeks of turbulence finals. In which I think I f*cked up some subjects but well, let's grief about that later when the grades are published. Anyway, I've added back all people who popped up in my notifications as friend, along with all people who left PM and comments in Masterpost and Introduction. Let me know if I haven't added you back! LJ skips a lot of notifications so I'd be grateful if you notify me ^^

By the way, I have no projects on progress for now. I want to enjoy at least 1 week of  my 1 month holiday doing absolutely nothing besides lying down watching J-drama, Keyakizaka46, and JUMP videos because I think I deserve it after going through the toughest semester ever. I hope you understand ^^ I'm so grateful there are many active JUMP subbing teams these days so I don't have to sub that many now. Time to go back being an ordinary fangirl who does nothing besides shitposting HAHAHA

Most likely, this will be my last post for 2017 so... merry christmas and happy new year for you all! Make sure to eat a lot of good foods this christmas and new year! Hope next year will be filled with love and happiness <3 Cheers from cit!

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Such a weird timing for me to come back with a new project after what I've said on my previous post but hey, who wouldn't refuse when someone suddenly DM-ed you, "hiiii~~~ wanna sub prank on yamachan on best artist?? I already post Spanish sub, if you want, I'll send you my sub~" OF COURSE I WANT TO!!! Thank you very much inoonao! <3 Please check Pando's Gakuen for Spanish version of it!

This clip is so precious. All the members pulled a prank on Yamada for one whole week before they appeared on Best Artist. You really can feel how much Yamada loves Hey! Say! JUMP as a group. Even though he's the most famous member in JUMP, he literally can't live without JUMP. I really love this side of him. And it's amazing how he still can smile for his fans despite of what was going on inside his head. Aaaaaaa I wanna squeeze this boy!!!

As usual, this post will be friend-locked later. I need to ensure my safety hahaha. And don't forget to follow my rules. Do not upload to other sites. Do not claim it as yours. Keep fansubbing alive by following the rules the subbers made ^^

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If there's an episode with slides in it, there is a high chance me and faye1004 will sub it😂 So we present to you, Itadaki High JUMP Debut 10th Anniversary SP!!🎉🎉🎉 Congratulations on your 10th anniversary, boys! In this episode, Daiki, Takaki, Keito, Yuto, and Yabu went sled sliding, while Yamada, Inoo, Chinen, and Hikaru made a surprise drama for a bride on her wedding ceremony. We are so happy that they do another sliding in this 10th anniversary SP, since sliding episodes will never disappoint😂 I love the drama part too. It's very touching. I have marshmallow heart so I cry very easily, and while subbing the drama part I kept on sobbing. Seriously.

Most likely, this will be the last project I do before 2017 ends because DAMN THERE IS DEADLINE EVERYDAY until around christmas I'm dying so much... I'm actually posting this while handling 3 deadlines at once. If I suddenly post another project, it could be that I gave up on my study HAHAHA seriously I need to save my GPA (again). Please kindly pray for me🙏

By the way, lately I only open LJ only to post subs and add people back so I'm sorry if I haven't replied to any comment and PM you left here. I've read them all, though, since I check my e-mails regularly. I've added back everyone who appeared in friend requests also those who commented in my masterpost and introduction posts and PM-ed me. Thank you very much for all your kind words, I wouldn't be able to continue subbing this much without you guys!😭

As usual, this post will be friend-locked later. I need to ensure my safety hahaha. And don't forget to follow my rules. Do not upload to other sites. Do not claim it as yours. Keep fansubbing alive by following the rules the subbers made ^^

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31 October 2017 @ 10:42 am

I did it! This is my debut in subbing a movie! And to think that my debut would be my bias' movie... I'm so happy OMFG!! This movie is very cute and fluffy in general. If you've watched the trailer, it won't disappoint your expectation. All the casts did great. I love Inoo so much. BOY YOU DID IT!! 🍑💙

This is another collaboration project between Pando's Gakuen and cit! inoonao was incredibly fast in timing and translating it into Spanish. caleb_hzl did the typesetting, encoding, and uploading the hardsub. If you understand Spanish, please support them by downloading the Spanish version HERE! The raw along with the Japanese subs that helped me a lot in translating was provided by yurigenki. I was only in charge of the English translation. Thank you soooo much for helping me on my dream project! Seriously, I can't thank you all enough!💕 And I hope you guys enjoy this movie as much as I do!

As for this project, I don't really care if streaming sites upload it without my permission. I've done my part, which is providing English subs to everyone who want to watch it. This movie is great, and Inoo also did great, so I want to spread it as much as possible. I'm just hoping that no one will claim it as theirs or remove the credit and the watermark... Seriously, I put a cute watermark this time, it won't hurt your eyes at all so please don't crop it!💢

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16 May 2017 @ 01:35 am
I finally updated the MASTERPOST after... months. Yeah. In an effort to stay true with what projects I'm currently doing, I finally updated the masterpost. As you have read from my previous post, I'll be facing final exams for 2 weeks starting next week. After that, I can go full-time subbing again because I have nothing to do for the first 2 months of my holiday besides being a parasite at home and a professional bed potato. I realized that most subs I post are impulsive subs like "OMG I'M GONNA SUB THIS" and then just post it without it going through my masterpost first. It's thrilling, I know. That's the kind of person I am, very impulsive and in my own pace... They say the person you admire will influence your personality. Maybe I should blame Inoo for these traits? LOL

Anyway, yes. In case you are too lazy to click the link to the MASTERPOST, these are the new things I've added:
- Inyaa Kei in Cats Island with Yamase Mami
Progress: 100% done translating, will time and typeset after finals are done

- Meringue no Kimochi (Guest: Mackenyu)
Progress: Translating

- Meringue no Kimochi (Guest: Yamamoto Mizuki & Nagano Mei)
Progress: Translating

Most likely I will also do Peach Girl Team in VS Arashi. Also Inoo in Shabekuri 007 (I'm very excited for this would you please look at the teaser INOO KISSED ANOTHER MAN GDI IS DEGAWA NOT ENOUGH). But those gotta wait until my finals are done #savegpa. If you want to work on them with me, let me know through PM. I've been doing everything almost all by myself so I really appreciate any help <3

Oh yeah, one of my policies is to not sub what have been subbed before, unless someone posts what I'm currently working on. If that's the case, I'll still work on it because I don't want my work to go to waste. That's how I respect subbers who did things earlier. They deserve the spotlight <3 That's why when some of you message me asking me to sub this and that and I happen to know that they've been subbed before, I always give the links to the respective communities. For list of subbed Itadaki High JUMP episodes, I always refer to THIS list made by anna_reading. It's really helpful to track them out!

And sorry for not replying to many comments but really, I do read them all. I synch my e-mail like every 2 hours until my phone's storage is full and then I need to clean it up, synch again, full again, and clean it up again. I blame JUMP pics and short vids for taking up most of my phone's storage. I'd like to tell you guys that I do read every comments you leave on my journal and I really appreciate them all. Thank you for all the heartwarming comments, they encourage me to do better <3

Okay, I'm done babbling here. Hope I can stay true with my masterpost. And hope I can #savegpa for real. See you in next post~
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So... how many weeks have passed since InoAriHika's Rajira? Yep, 3 weeks. College drains all my free time. I'm not even sure is this still relevant or not, and maybe some people already posted their translations. But I don't care anymore, this Rajira is soooo fun, I just need my own version for documentary and practice purpose. I don't listen to much Rajira but of all Rajira I've listened to, this one is the best, so it deserves a full and complete translation. A lot of cute and dumb moments between this zukkoke trio are so precious! And... if you follow me on Twitter, I'm sure you know how much I ship InoAri. If you are a fellow InoAri shipper like me, believe me my friend, you won't be disappointed. And if you don't ship InoAri, it's totally fine, it doesn't lessen the fun at all. Zukkoke trio is here to cheer you up with their dorkiness!

Please note that this translation is not 100% accurate and there are some parts I leave blank, only putting on T/N due to my lack of skill and ability in understanding these three's super fast and passionate talkings and also Japanese in general. I hope you don't mind and can enjoy it to the fullest despite some inaccuracies you might find. Let me know if you find any mistake in my translation, I will fix it immediately ^^

I highly recommend you to read the translation while listening to the Rajira HERE. I've included checkpoints of the minutes in each segments based on that file, so when you feel lost while listening and reading at the same time, you can restart referring to the checkpoints of the minutes I put on top of each segments. Have fun listening to this dorky trio~ I hope Dai-chan will guest at Rajira again one day, his loudness always makes things fun ^^

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